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Like it or not, Facebook is no longer the “free” community mecca that marketers with a guerrilla mentality fervently embraced years ago. Just looking at the organic reach over the last 27 months of the many brands Renegade manages, we’ve seen a decline from a peak of nearly 20% in 2012 to a new low of under 5% in 2014.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief on Social Media, the daily snapshot of social media news and insights, has relaunched as SmartBrief on Social Business. This new focus reflects the broad changes to business in the social media era, from marketing to customer service to revenue models. As part of the relaunch, we’ve asked industry leaders to give their thoughts on what it means to be a social business.[…] Continue Reading »

Weather permitting, restaurants across the country will be packed tonight with couples out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, a meal that often includes wine, fancy food and generous tipping at the end. Those tips aren’t affected by an IRS rule change that took effect last month, but bigger parties that trigger a restaurant’s automatic gratuity policy have brought big changes for servers and their bosses with the IRS’s new tipping rule.[…] Continue Reading »

How to simplify your LinkedIn URL; why brands should focus on local marketing campaigns on Facebook; and how to use Twitter’s new photo gallery.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Social Media:

Image credit: narvikk, via iStockphoto[…] Continue Reading »

This post is by Brooke Howell, SmartBrief’s small-business editor.

When Lewis Howes crushed his wrist, along with his dream of making his fortune playing football, and ended up bedridden on his sister’s couch with no college degree and no job, he could have made best friends with Ben & Jerry and whiled away the hours watching TV.[…] Continue Reading »