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Looking for hiring tips? Here’s what you need to do before hiring your first employee:

  1. Develop the job description. A detailed job description helps you and candidates find the right match. Core elements include: Reporting relationship (how the employee will interact with you), key day-to-day responsibilities and how those affect the operation, qualifications (experience, education, certifications, licenses, etc.
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Advisers need to proactively review clients’ annuities that are within individual retirement accounts to avoid “traps” by ensuring required minimum distributions are being taken properly, said Jeffrey Levine of Ed Slott and Co.

IRA or Roth rules trump annuity rules when an annuity is within an IRA, Levine explained Monday at the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors’ Career Conference and Annual Meeting in San Diego.[…] Continue Reading »

For many Americans, April 15 — Tax Day — is their least favorite day of the year. In 2009, Americans paid $866 billion in taxes to the federal government. The top 1% of earners — those making more than $343,927 — paid 36.7% of that figure. The bottom 50%, those who earned less than $32,396, paid $19 billion in taxes.[…] Continue Reading »

One of the hottest political topics of late has been the upcoming increase in taxes for wealthy Americans starting in January 2013. In particular, income for individuals making $200,000 or more will be subject to an additional tax of 0.9%. Married couples filing jointly and making $250,000 or more will be subject to the same increase. Many believe that this increase will cause the wealthy to spend less causing companies to have to let go of staff, which will then cause the economy to be even worse off than it is today.[…] Continue Reading »

Ten mistakes that can sink a good company; how to hold onto your best employees; and President Barack Obama calls for Congress to pass a tax on America’s most affluent.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief for CFOs:

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