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As the saying goes, “Timing is everything.” Someone at Microsoft should tell the big boss. It seems to me that Satya Nadella, the new CEO at Microsoft as of February, has been let down by his PR people in the communications of the last two weeks. The order of announcements could not have been worse.

In an e-mail to employees (July 10) about an evolving culture at Microsoft, Nadella talked of “Bold Ambition and Our Core“ and outlined what the company has to do to get its mojo back.[…] Continue Reading »

After Apple’s most recent highly publicized product unveiling, where two new models of the iPhone were announced, CEO Tim Cook was widely criticized in the press.

Fortune described it this way:

“Rather than unveiling a game-changing new iPhone or revolutionary new TV or space age iWatch or even a long-rumored deal with China Mobile – instead, Apple introduced two phone iterations, one cheaper, plastic and colorful; the other with a faster processing chip and better camera.[…] Continue Reading »

There are three broad conclusions about Steve Ballmer’s tenure as Microsoft CEO, which will come to an end within 12 months.

The most negative is illustrated by his being laughably wrong about the iPhone and is bolstered by instant or slow-burning failures in phones (the Kin) and tablets (Surface). A pragmatist would counter by noting that the company under Ballmer more than tripled sales, doubled profits and found minor successes (such as the XBox) while preserving enterprise and services profits.[…] Continue Reading »

Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch was the biggest the company has done in a long time — and social media played a big role in it. To pull it off, the company had to create a unified front for a huge global brand, nurture an interested audience with everyday content and, most importantly, let the big news speak for itself.[…] Continue Reading »

Leadership lessons from Newt Gingrich; how manufacturing could save American innovation; and why it pays to be a failure at work.

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