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Recognizing that this post is going out on a social media blog and will be promoted on a newsletter mainly for social media practitioners and is being written by a guy who runs a social/content agency, you’ll have to pardon the heretical if not potentially self-destructive nature of the headline above. But, really truly folks, now is the time to ask this question.[…] Continue Reading »

With the Olympics taking place this month, everyone is going to be thinking about going for the gold. Ever wonder whether your marketing is worthy of a gold, silver or bronze medal? Better yet, ever wonder how much of the newest, cutting edge, results-oriented marketing is going into your lead generation efforts?

Here are the elements that should be part of your marketing mix.[…] Continue Reading »

The start of the new year is a great time to examine your team’s key metrics. What key performance indicators do you watch? Are they the best things to pay attention to?

Too often, the easy things to measure give us the impression that they’re the right things to measure. Built-in dashboards in software tools and even in complex machinery make it easy to focus on those metrics — so, we do.[…] Continue Reading »

This is part two of a series. Read part one.

Hopefully we all know a little about marketing analytics, at least on the periphery, so I would like to delve deeper into the analytics process. First, let me start with a little history. For a long time, companies simply spent money on websites and online marketing because everyone else was doing it.[…] Continue Reading »

Have you been overwhelmed by the metrics and comparison tools coming out of the new Facebook insights? Are you wondering which metrics really matter?

This article will explain the three main Facebook metrics you need to be watching on a daily basis. I’ll define them, tell you why they’re important and give you concrete ways you can use them to maximize your Facebook marketing performance.[…] Continue Reading »