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This post is by Jim Belosic, co-founder and president of Pancake Laboratories, the creator of ShortStack, an application built on the Facebook platform that offers affordable, white-label tab design including contests, commenting, sharing and many other easy-to-use features.

Since Facebook converted personal profiles to Timelines, the rumor mill has been fired up with the speculation that Pages will soon follow suit.[…] Continue Reading »

One of the most difficult aspects of pitching social media to leadership is proving its worth in numbers, or, to be frank, cash. Often, this process is frustrating because social-media achievements and positive strides are seemingly unquantifiable. Enter the mythbuster, Jason Falls. Falls, founder of consulting company and blog Social Media Explorer LLC, spoke to this issue at the Social Media Success Summit on Wednesday in his speech, “5 Ways to Measure Social Media Marketing Success.”

His key point?[…] Continue Reading »

I’m a process guy. I like breaking big tasks down into little, manageable chunks and checking them off the list. A project as sprawling as SmartBrief on Social Media would never get out the door each day without a well-designed workflow. That’s why I appreciated Brian Solis’ thoughtful post on the developmental stages of an organization’s social media efforts.[…] Continue Reading »