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Brand strategies from all corners of the food and beverage industry drew the interest of SmartBrief readers this week, with restaurants, consumer package goods firms and retailers shifting the strategies behind their identities. KFC traded Norm MacDonald’s Colonel for Jim Gaffigan’s and Taco Bell introduced its new Quesalupa menu item during Super Bowl spots, while Mondelez unveiled plans to turn its focus to social media to build up its e-commerce business and Target updated the packaging for its Market Pantry brand to give it a bolder design.[…] Continue Reading »

With more direct social buying options being added to the social landscape than ever before, there is a great deal of excitement from marketers on how this will transform social media marketing.

I totally get it: These opportunities hold the promise of being able to show direct revenue from social media unlike ever before, and they also seem to make things a tad easier from the buyer’s perspective as well.[…] Continue Reading »

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Linda Gilbert, founder and CEO EcoFocus Worldwide, LLC, and founder and former president of HealthFocus International, brings more than 30 years as a market researcher and strategy consultant helping companies link their product benefits to consumer and nutrition trends. Gilbert’s done extensive qualitative and quantitative studies for food and beverage manufacturers and others in the industry.[…] Continue Reading »

The social media revolution has made marketers’ lives much easier. It’s true that the field finds itself in uncharted territory. After overcoming the learning curve, however, the possibilities are endless.

Social media not only gives marketers access to a larger audience than ever before, but allows them to act efficiently without leaving their office. When individual updates can reach millions of people, the odds of generating leads can be exponentially higher than before.[…] Continue Reading »

When marketers monitor social conversation, it’s difficult to determine if a spike in post volume is worthy of attention or simply a fluke.

For instance, Dairy Queen’s marketing team may notice a sharp increase in social posts that mention their brand. Getting to the bottom of a conversation spike normally requires digging through hundreds of posts to get the complete picture.[…] Continue Reading »