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Do you ever get the sense that retail technology is overhyped?

Personally, I love it. In my career, I have overseen technology roll-outs at thousands of high-touch retail stores nationwide. I have also consulted with major retailers and automakers on a raft of tech-related projects.

But let’s take a moment to get real about the role of technology in retail.[…] Continue Reading »

President Barack Obama traveled to the heart of Silicon Valley on Friday to lay out his vision for improved cybersecurity in a digital age that has seen high-profile cyberattacks make headlines in recent weeks. Joining leaders from various industries at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University, Obama stressed the importance of enhancing the public-private partnership already in its infant stages.[…] Continue Reading »

Back in 2006 when Apple was developing the iPhone, Steve Jobs decided that while the original plan was for the iPhone to have a plastic screen, like the iPod, it would feel much more elegant and substantive if the screen was glass. He set about finding a glass that would be strong and resistant to scratches. This led to a meeting with Wendell Weeks, the CEO of Corning Glass.[…] Continue Reading »

After Apple’s most recent highly publicized product unveiling, where two new models of the iPhone were announced, CEO Tim Cook was widely criticized in the press.

Fortune described it this way:

“Rather than unveiling a game-changing new iPhone or revolutionary new TV or space age iWatch or even a long-rumored deal with China Mobile – instead, Apple introduced two phone iterations, one cheaper, plastic and colorful; the other with a faster processing chip and better camera.[…] Continue Reading »

Innovation has for years come from designers and marketers, from the creators of new products. The top innovation consulting firms all spring from the roots of building new products. “Most innovative” lists are populated by … well, Apple is always first … then comes a predictable list of companies that make cool products: Nike, Samsung, etc.

But today’s new generation of innovators knows that innovation is no longer limited to the domain of companies who makes things you can see and touch.[…] Continue Reading »