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Q. With such limited time, what resources do you find most effective for continuous self-education?

yec_Corey Blake1. Immerse yourself in new experiences

I’m an experiential learner. I need to dive into environments where there is expert guidance, preferably in an intimate setting and over a period of time. For example, I committed to an 18-month Gestalt Training Program and a 12-month leadership program. Both remove me from my element to completely focus on personal growth. I will travel 17 times in 2015 for these types of experiences. — Corey Blake, Round Table Companies

yec_Andrew Thomas 22.

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E-learning illustrated signImagine an opportunity for you to meet the needs of your school district’s families who desire a cyberschool learning environment without sending the family — and school funding — out the door and to a third party.

This was Central York School District’s vision in 2010, when we realized that more of our students than ever were enrolling in full-time cyberschools.

According to the National Education Policy Center, enrollment in full-time cyberschools across the U.S. has more than tripled from 2007 to 2012. Unfortunately, when students enroll in cyberschools (also known as virtual schools), they take funding with them. As a result, cyberschools have become a financial drain on some school districts across the country, sometimes resulting in staffing cuts and reductions in student programs.

We saw that same trend play out in our school district in York County, Pa., and ultimately we faced an important decision — would we keep watching students and funding drain out of our schools, or would we do something about it?…

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As far back as I can remember I’ve had a passion for food and for gatherings. I grew up in Boston making pepperoni sauce with my father every Sunday. In 1984, I very distinctly remember cooking steak tips, rice pilaf and salad with tomato roses for a high-school crush. By the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to be a chef. I’ve spent every year since working toward the recent culmination of it all.

Since 2011, I’ve opened six restaurants throughout the Reno and Lake Tahoe area (Campo Reno, Burger Me Reno, chez louie, Campo Mammoth, Heritage and Reno Provisions). My most recent project, Reno Provisions, has become the absolute cornerstone of my businesses, as it acts as the supply chain for all of my other restaurants.

Reno Provisions opened in December 2014 and is our most multi-faceted property to-date. Upstairs, guests can dine in on daily specials, or purchase fresh packaged take-home ingredients.…

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Disruptive innovation is not a new concept. Education conferences buzz with discussions around this theory; schools and districts are anxious to hear how others are implementing these practices. So are we. We polled SmartBrief on EdTech to find out how far down the road they are with their disruptive approaches.

Online learning leads the way in this category. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of respondents are in schools and districts that offer distance learning to their students on a full-time or individual course basis. Twenty-one percent of respondents have students taking online courses full time; 38% have students taking individual online courses.

Personalized learning also found merit among EdTech readers. Nearly half of respondents (46%) are in schools are districts that have adopted or are moving toward a personalized learning model. Fifty-four percent of respondents acknowledge the value of this approach but are not able to implement at this time.

Flipped learning and social media as an instructional tool are rolling out at slower paces.…

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Winning The Long GameThis article was adapted from “Winning the Long Game: How Strategic Leaders Shape the Future” by Steven Krupp and Paul J.H. Schoemaker. Krupp is senior managing partner and Schoemaker is founder and executive chairman of Decision Strategies International, a consulting and training firm specializing in leadership development and strategy formulation. Schoemaker also serves as research director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In July 2013, 3 million devotees, mostly young, swarmed to Copacabana Beach to hear the newly elected leader of the Roman Catholic Church on his first official tour. The Catholic Church was at a pivotal moment in its history. Brazil has the largest number of Catholics in the world but between 2000 and 2010, the church’s share slipped from three-fourths of the nation’s population to about two-thirds. Pope Francis knew the challenges facing his organization, not only in Brazil but throughout the world.…

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