I live in Washington, D.C., and go to about 15 Washington Nationals home games each year. I have an interest in the team’s performance and leadership, if only for all the hours and dollars I spend on the team.

As you may have heard, the team did not play well this year. Off the field, there were problems, and saying “the Nationals choked” had a more literal meaning than usual:

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After this disappointing regular season, The Nationals fired manager Matt Williams and all his coaches. Williams may be a decent fellow, but there is no one who says he was a good manager, and he too often made decisions that were wrong in terms of process and results. He struggled with in-game tactical situations, struggled to understand how his actions could have long-term repercussions, struggled in communicating with his team and struggled to explain his actions to the media and, by extension, the fans.…

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The naming of Jack Dorsey this week as Twitter’s permanent CEO brings closure to the last quarter of leadership limbo. It allows the organization to begin moving forward, reinventing itself and its platform (perhaps even allowing us all more than 140 characters to express our deepest thoughts). It also offers several important and enduring lessons for organizations and leaders alike.

Lesson 1: Be careful what you wish for.

What organization doesn’t want highly engaged customers? What executive doesn’t secretly fantasize about a committed fan base? Who doesn’t wish they could get into their customers heads and get their feedback at the drop of a hat? But as we know from any number of fairy tales, when wishes are granted, they generally come with some baggage and at least a few surprises.

Twitter’s customers (and probably yours too) enjoy nearly effortless access to information and the ability to broadcast their reactions, experiences, opinions and advice — all day, every day, in an exponential fashion.…

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path to workforceSmartBrief Education’s Path to Workforce content series brings you original content and events on the topic. Path to Workforce is our vision of college and career readiness, encompassing K-12, adult learners, career changers, non-traditional students and those who forgo a traditional four-year college experience.

Full and fair implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice could help close the achievement gap between students in schools with high poverty rates and their peers in wealthier districts, according Michigan State University statistics and education professor William Schmidt.

Schmidt, the lead author of a recent study on how uneven delivery of Common Core math standards has contributed to this disparity, outlined some of the barriers and proposed solutions during the webinar “Mathematics Instruction and the Common Core: Where Do We Go from Here?

Schmidt said his research team found that inequality in learning begins in the home since low-income families have fewer resources in general.…

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bob caporale bookThis post is adapted from the book “Creative Strategy Generation” by Bob Caporale (McGraw-Hill, 2015). Caporale is the president of Sequent Learning Networks. His goal is to help business practitioners infuse more passion and creativity into their jobs. You can learn more about his work by visiting BobCaporale.com or following him on Twitter @bobcaporale.

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Ask where do great ideas come from and you’ll likely hear why they evolved rather than how. They were inspired.

Some of the best ideas haven’t been developed; they’ve been inspired. I say this because if you ask someone where their great ideas come from, they will probably be more inclined to tell you why they evolved rather than how. In other words, they’ll be telling you what inspired them.

When people are inspired, it usually means that some external force has pulled on their emotions and caused them to see or feel something that they may not have been seeing or feeling previously; and this often compels them to take some action in order to express that feeling.…

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Breakfast has long been called the most important meal of the day, and the cliche is proving increasingly true for packaged food makers and restaurants looking to serve consumers’ growing craving for morning meals that balance healthy, yummy and easy to eat on the go.

“Consumers have really absorbed the message for awhile now that starting your day with a bowl full of sugar is not the best way to sustain your energy and be your best,” said Kara Nielsen, culinary director of Sterling Rice Group. “It’s part and parcel with the anti-carb and pro-protein trends, and some of these nutritional themes we keep reading about in the news and hearing about on CNN.”

Retail breakfast food sales grew during the recession and they’re expected to hit $15.7 billion by 2017, a 26% increase from 2012, according to Mintel data. Still, many time-crunched consumers say they skip or skimp on the morning meal, according to a 2014 report from Clarkston Consulting, and breakfast food brands including Kellogg’s, Kraft, Hillshire Brands and Hormel Foods have been working to create breakfast bars and other more convenient options.…

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