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Facebook falls

Had Facebook not been the social behemoth that it is, most people would have probably bailed on this promiscuous social network that assumes we are OK with them selling ads based on our actions. The reality is that Facebook will prevail again, but in a way that may not be suitable for the restaurant business.[…] Continue Reading »

Creative bartenders are feeling free to get more innovative when it comes to infusing vodka, gin and even rum with more exotic fruits, one of the many reasons consultants Baum + Whiteman led off their latest forecast with bars’ role in developing new alcoholic beverage flavors.

The consultants released their 2013 food and beverage trends forecast for restaurants and hotels, which paints a picture of mixologists on a quest to create the next perfect cocktail, using herbs, spices and other ingredients that you would expect to find in the kitchen but not necessarily behind the bar.[…] Continue Reading »

Wendy’s takes home the title of top mega chain heavyweight in this year’s Zagat survey; millennials have a major snack attack; and franchises are not faring well in today’s economy.

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