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Education and industry leaders recently gathered at SmartBrief headquarters in Washington D.C., for an interactive discussion on bridging the gap between associations and students’ STEM skills. The STEM Pathways Roundtable was the first in an event series exploring the real-world ways in which education and industry can work together to support STEM.

Join us this week on SmartBlog on Education as we extend the conversation with Q&As with the panelists:

  • LeAnn Wilson, Executive Director, Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Sabari Raja, CEO, Nepris
  • Kim Tobey, Executive Director, National Association of Community College Teachers Education Programs
  • Josh Thomases, Dean of Innovation, Policy and Research, Bank Street College of Education

Other STEM Pathways event coverage and resources:

How can you get students excited about STEM, improve their skills and prepare them for the workforce? Join education and industry leaders for a lively, interactive discussion on bridging the gap between association partner relationships and students’ STEM skills. SmartBrief Education presents its inaugural STEM Pathways Roundtable Discussion, an event series exploring the real-world ways in which education and industry can work together to improve students’ STEM skills and guide them to careers in STEM fields.[…] Continue Reading »

According to Bersin by Deloitte, U.S.-based companies invested more the $15 billion in 2013 to develop their leaders.

The dollars were spent on a variety of activities designed to build leadership competencies and skills. These activities included external educational programs, partnerships and internally developed face-to-face workshops, webinars and e-learning. They include development experiences, stretch assignments, 360-degree surveys, one-on-one coaching, action learning teams and communities of practice, simulations and assessment centers, job rotations and strategic mentorships.[…] Continue Reading »

Workplace safety is like a field goal kicker: often overlooked on a football team’s roster but utterly crucial to its success. The all-star running back might not view the kicker as a valuable asset, but make no mistake — any given game can come down to the swing of a boot.

In a similar vein, improving worker attitudes towards safety is one of the most difficult challenges in the lives of managers.[…] Continue Reading »

Companies that lay off or fire employees can make the process a little easier is providing the best outplacement services they can get their hands on.

Outplacement services are used by organizations during the termination process. In addition to traditional services like severance packages, outplacement is a service that’s supplied by a company specializing in assisting an individual’s job search after a layoff or job loss.[…] Continue Reading »