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Workplace safety is like a field goal kicker: often overlooked on a football team’s roster but utterly crucial to its success. The all-star running back might not view the kicker as a valuable asset, but make no mistake — any given game can come down to the swing of a boot.

In a similar vein, improving worker attitudes towards safety is one of the most difficult challenges in the lives of managers.[…] Continue Reading »

Companies that lay off or fire employees can make the process a little easier is providing the best outplacement services they can get their hands on.

Outplacement services are used by organizations during the termination process. In addition to traditional services like severance packages, outplacement is a service that’s supplied by a company specializing in assisting an individual’s job search after a layoff or job loss.[…] Continue Reading »

You know those things that get done, and you really don’t know how they happen, until they don’t?

Or those employees you see only once or twice a year in performance reviews? When you look at the data, they are clearly getting their jobs done, but otherwise, they seem invisible.

Meet your secret workforce. You can always count on them.[…] Continue Reading »

Most employers dream about snagging an already employed candidate for their open positions. But are these passive candidates really right for the job? More importantly, in focusing on employed workers, are you missing a wide and motivated candidate pool? The unemployed get no love even though the bias against unemployed job seekers is just as hurtful to employers looking to hire the best.[…] Continue Reading »

The job of an HR professional has never been so daunting. Your to-do list is growing, the pile on your desk doesn’t seem to diminish and you can’t seem to find the time to do it all.

New issues are facing HR professionals on a daily basis. The cost of providing employee benefits continues to rise. The rules and regulations behind hiring contracted workers continue to change, and as Fox Business reported this year, there are serious ramifications if you’re not keeping up.[…] Continue Reading »