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Across business categories, we’ve all heard that referrals are the best source of new business for your brand. We agree that what existing customers communicate to others is critically important. But we believe that most product conversations are not really formal “referrals” or “recommendations,” but rather more likely simple conversations, written reviews, and informal expressions of opinions.[…] Continue Reading »

Showing your appreciation for your customers’ support isn’t just a nice thing to do — it’s a word-of-mouth-marketing opportunity. It’s amazing what a retweet, a Facebook share or a simple shout-out can do for your word-of-mouth when you say “thanks” to your social fans. Here are three reasons.

  • Your fans will be surprised: Companies spend a lot of time worrying about negative word-of-mouth and what to do with it.
  • […] Continue Reading »

Negative word-of-mouth happens to everyone. No industry, brand or product is immune to it. When it happens in social media, it can feel extra painful — because it’s out there in the open for everyone to see.

But true word-of-mouth marketers know that these experiences — while sometimes frustrating and disappointing — are opportunities in disguise. They take advantage of these moments to show customers that they’re listening, that they’re human and sometimes make mistakes, and that they care enough to fix the problem.[…] Continue Reading »

When Raytheon wanted to cover one of its biggest events of the year, it faced a variety of challenges. Arms-export laws, diplomatic sensitivities and security fears were among the difficulties of covering the top-secret air show in real time. But according to Raytheon’s Chris Hawley, it was all worth it to get the brand’s biggest influencer group — civilians — talking.[…] Continue Reading »

With a little more than one week before the digital world converges on Austin, Texas, for South By Southwest Interactive, startups around the globe are gearing up to turn heads. Many have teams in place to guerrilla market through the streets of downtown. Others throw huge parties in the Congress/Red River area, and others chose the traditional booth in the expo hall.[…] Continue Reading »