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Whether they’re beer fans or cocktail connoisseurs, US consumers are craving artisan, small-batch and craft beverages in ever-increasing numbers. Beer remains the most popular alcoholic beverage in the US, but there’s evidence that sales of spirits are on the rise as millennials increasingly opt for cocktails over brews.

Sales of liquor rose 4.1% last year, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, continuing a trend that sent liquor’s share of the alcoholic beverage market to 35% in 2015 from 29% in 2000, while beer’s share fell from 56% to 48% and wine’s portion inched up from 16% to 17% over the 15-year period.[…] Continue Reading »

For many, ringing in a new year means clinking glasses of bubbly together in celebration. At Datassential, we’re toasting 2016 with our latest MenuTrends Keynote Report covering insights in alcoholic beverages. Our report covers all the bases, from consumer sentiment on alcohol preferences to operator data on what’s being served and where. The following is just a small shot of all of the insights covered in our report – a little aperitif to start you off.[…] Continue Reading »

Descriptions including “craft”, “small batch,” “custom,” “limited edition” and “artisan/artisanal” are more likely to influence the purchasing decisions of millennials than they are to sway older consumers, according to a recent Harris Poll. Chefs and restaurateurs are finding ways to feed the trend — the Culinary Institute of America will hold a Crafting Beer and Food Summit in October, bringing together master brewers and chefs to create menus that complement craft beers.[…] Continue Reading »

Wine lovers may pay more attention to variety, vintage and what color goes with which dish, but some are also giving more thought to where and how the grapes were grown. Sustainable agriculture doesn’t have a fixed definition in the way “organic” has had since federal organic standards were finalized in 2000, but a growing number of consumers are seeking sustainably produced wine, and third-party certification programs are infusing the term with more meaning.[…] Continue Reading »

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, and warm, sunny days sent bars, restaurants and cocktail fans to Twitter and Instagram to share ideas for #summercocktails.

Beer is by far the most popular alcoholic beverage for summer, followed by wine and then cocktails, according to NPD Group. Last summer, U.S. patrons downed 335 million beers, drank 179 million glasses of wine and sipped 158 million mixed drinks, according to NPD data.[…] Continue Reading »