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One of my clients once had a cardboard cutout of himself made to “sit” with his team. Why on Earth would he do this? Because he was the leader of a dispersed team — he was based in the US and his team was half a world away in Singapore. If he couldn’t physically be with his team, he wanted a tangible reminder that he was there, at least in spirit.[…] Continue Reading »

A friend said something to me at a recent conference that struck me.

It came after a presentation on how a cloud-based tool enabled a network manager to securely maintain close control of the tech used by a dispersed sales team working remotely. My friend turned to me with a worried expression on her face and said, “I’m not sure we’ve been adequately tooling up our students in preparation for this.[…] Continue Reading »

For a couple of weeks recently, all journalists seemingly stopped writing about anything that wasn’t related to Marissa Mayer, Yahoo or telecommuting. The media’s largely moved on to other concerns, but the issue of telecommuting — and how to make it work at your business — remains.

We’ve already called in the experts on the importance of policies, communication and culture in setting a work-from-home standard.[…] Continue Reading »

Leaders who are on the fast track know what it’s like to have to “scale” when they’re promoted. They may go from managing an organization with a few people to managing hundreds in the blink of an eye. They may not know how to scale the relationships that are most important to their success.

Your ability to maintain relationships is key to success in the new position, of course; and you also must be able to scale connections with people in your organization (and make time to develop important stakeholder relationships outside the organization).[…] Continue Reading »

Question: What do these five established jobs …

  • Call center representative
  • Salesperson
  • Truck driver
  • Writers
  • Consultants

… have in common with these five jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago?:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Social media manager
  • Telework manager or coordinator
  • Search engine optimization specialist
  • Online advertising manager

Answer: They are staffed by employees who can do their work while their managers are in a different location.[…] Continue Reading »