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In my 25-plus years as a consultant, I have worked with hundreds of executive teams — leadership teams in multinational organizations, small businesses, for-profits, not-for-profits, government organizations, and everything in between.

What I have found is that 90% of those leadership “teams” are not teams, at all. In fact, most executive “teams” are a group of individual senior leaders who meet on a regular basis to battle each other for limited resources.[…] Continue Reading »

What makes an organization sufficiently resilient to survive over a sustained period of time?

In 1983, Royal Dutch/Shell Group studied 27 companies that had survived more than 100 years, were still important in their industries, and continued to have strong corporate identities.

One key finding was that leaders of these organizations believed it was important to leave their organizations in as good as or better shape than when they became leaders.[…] Continue Reading »

Through years of consulting to many organizations, I’ve been blessed to work with wonderful, accomplished leaders — individuals who are deeply in touch with themselves and are focused on bringing the best of their skills, talents and passions to leading others. They view leading as both a privilege and a responsibility, one that surpasses any other role they may have in their organization.[…] Continue Reading »

If you could bring your best boss into your current team or organization right now, what would she do? What would she change or refine to ensure team members are engaged, serving, producing, and feeling trusted and respected every day?

My best boss was Jerry Nutter. I spent 15 years in nonprofit management and enjoyed some good bosses, some lousy bosses and one really amazing great boss: Jerry.[…] Continue Reading »

It was another late night returning home from a business trip this week. Spring weather in Denver has been rainy for a week straight. We need the moisture (not as badly as other parts of the country), so no complaints.

The overcast was heavy with a light sprinkle as I left the airport on the hour’s drive to our mountain neighborhood.[…] Continue Reading »