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Most employers dream about snagging an already employed candidate for their open positions. But are these passive candidates really right for the job? More importantly, in focusing on employed workers, are you missing a wide and motivated candidate pool? The unemployed get no love even though the bias against unemployed job seekers is just as hurtful to employers looking to hire the best.[…] Continue Reading »

For a man who claims he doesn’t want to be president, Jeb Bush certainly thinks he has the cure for everything that ails the United States. In a candid appearance at the SIFMA Annual Meeting on Tuesday, the former Florida governor shared his ideas on a whole litany of issues, including Wall Street reform, immigration, education, the Affordable Care Act and the dysfunction in Washington.[…] Continue Reading »

When evaluating the health of the U.S. economy, most Americans look at unemployment figures as a key statistic. Many, however, ignore another key statistic: Americans who receive disability benefits.

In December 2011, the Social Security Administration noted that by county, more than 55 million Americans received disability (OASDI) benefits. Up from 44.7 million in 2001, this number has steadily increased in the past several years.[…] Continue Reading »

As Barack Obama begins his second term as the 44th president of the United States, the economy is better than it was in January 2009 at the start of his first term. But what is the state of the U.S. economy? And how might it look in the future? This post looks at some of the key economic and demographic indicators by location.[…] Continue Reading »

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Sometimes it seems like jobs are all President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney want to talk about. Reported monthly, the national unemployment rate is a piece of data most voters can comprehend and, as always, the question voters are being asked is whether they are better off now than the were four years ago.[…] Continue Reading »