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In today’s nonstop digital world, it can be hard to get your message across, and as a consequence more brands are turning to video marketing. Not everyone has time to read through lengthy articles, and even snappy infographics can fail convey a targeted message. Video allows you to actively show and explain to your customers exactly what your brand is about.[…] Continue Reading »

In the constant-changing social space, there are new opportunities coming to marketers nearly every single day – all presenting unique challenges along with them. In this post, I wanted to share some of the overarching opportunities that I see for marketers in the space and the common challenges that go along with them. 

New social advertising units

  • Opportunity: Nearly every single day there are articles about new advertising opportunities available on social networks that marketers can take advantage of.
  • […] Continue Reading »

One of the most common challenges I see my clients coming up against in social media marketing is a lack of time and focus. Hootsuite can make the management of Twitter more efficient and more effective; here, I’ll explain how you can get more out of it through the use of streams and custom searches. Everything I’ll describe is in the free version of Hootsuite.[…] Continue Reading »

Everything is awesome for Lego. With over 189 million engagements, including 184 million on its YouTube channel alone, Lego was the brand with which consumers were the most highly engaged throughout the second quarter of 2015, according to the ListenFirst Digital Engagement Ratings (DER).

For this analysis, we studied the owned, earned, or organic consumer behavior across Facebook, Google+, etc for the Redbooks 500 — a cohort of companies based on a weighting of variables, including brands’ revenue, advertising spend, and social media engagement.[…] Continue Reading »

The social media revolution has made marketers’ lives much easier. It’s true that the field finds itself in uncharted territory. After overcoming the learning curve, however, the possibilities are endless.

Social media not only gives marketers access to a larger audience than ever before, but allows them to act efficiently without leaving their office. When individual updates can reach millions of people, the odds of generating leads can be exponentially higher than before.[…] Continue Reading »