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Companies that lay off or fire employees can make the process a little easier is providing the best outplacement services they can get their hands on.

Outplacement services are used by organizations during the termination process. In addition to traditional services like severance packages, outplacement is a service that’s supplied by a company specializing in assisting an individual’s job search after a layoff or job loss.[…] Continue Reading »

Companies and organizations will eventually have to hire a new leader. Whether due to retirement, the resignation of a president or the need for a new direction, change is inevitable. The transition between past and future leaders can be tense and uncertain. However, by focusing on your organization’s priorities, communicating effectively, and stepping up as a leader, you can strengthen your team in the face of transformation.[…] Continue Reading »

One of my favorite career writers, Alexandra Levit, has a new column in the Wall Street Journal for people looking to reinvent themselves professionally. I spoke with her recently about managers’ role in assisting successful career transitions. Learn more about Alexandra.

MARY ELLEN: You’re a hiring manager. One of your top candidates for a job is a career changer.[…] Continue Reading »