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To answer this question in the very month that the U.S. Department of Education has set aside to recognize as Connected Educator Month, we need to first examine what a connected educator is. We also need to understand to what it is that educators are connected.

The way information and content is housed and disseminated today has little resemblance to the housing and disseminating of a few short decades ago.[…] Continue Reading »

This week, I attended another international education conference — the first annual Nassau Educational Technology Conference (NET.1). It was the first of its kind to be held in the Bahamas. There were over 200 educators from the Bahamas and several other surrounding island nations. Often, as American educators, we are faced with the day-to-day problems of our own system and are unaware of the challenges and real obstacles faced by other countries as they also strive to educate their youth.[…] Continue Reading »

I am very fortunate to have a position that gets me invited to education conferences around the country, and occasionally out of it as well. I have written a number of posts describing the benefits, and the blemishes, of many of them over the last year. I am writing this post, as I am en route to Austin, Texas to participate in one of the big ones, the SXSWEdu Conference.[…] Continue Reading »

If there is one thing that social media in education has taught me, it is: Never answer for someone else’s need to know! In a world of discussions using tweets and posts, there is an audience for discussion on any level of experience on any given subject. The subjects that I deal with most often involve education, social media or social media in education.[…] Continue Reading »

Thanks for reading SmartBlog on Education’s Friday Feature. We’re here to help educators like you engage, innovate and discuss. This week, veteran educator and SmartBrief contributing editor Tom Whitby provides a framework for expanding your professional network using Twitter.

For those who do not know, here are two basic Twitter principles: 1. If you only follow ten people, you will only see the general tweets of those ten people.[…] Continue Reading »