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All month, I’ve been saying and hearing, “Thanksgiving is so early this year!” And, as it happens, Nov. 22 is the earliest Thanksgiving can occur in the U.S. — the fourth Thursday of November — under the law passed by Congress in 1941 that took effect for 1942.

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With Thanksgiving dinner just around the corner, I can’t help but think how a beautiful turkey day dinner is just like a perfectly integrated social media marketing strategy.

First, you have to know your guests. Do they have any food allergies? What did they like last year? This is just like knowing your target market. What do they want to learn about?[…] Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving is the holiday we associate most with sharing a meal with loved ones, and if some years the table is less crowded with either food or good company, we feel the loss even as we give thanks for the gifts we have.

This week, I wrote about how the commercial supply chain has gotten much better at supplying stores and foodservice businesses before and after a storm such as Sandy, which killed 121 people and destroyed the homes of countless others in and around my home state of New Jersey.[…] Continue Reading »

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Here are some of our favorite recent Thanksgiving-themed articles.

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More than half of Americans — and nearly 60% of women — look forward to side dishes over the main dish of ham or turkey during the holidays, according to a survey by Hormel Country Crock. Stuffing was named as the favorite side, and more than half of Americans ages 55 and older picked stuffing as their favorite, compared with 27% of 18- to 54-year-olds.[…] Continue Reading »