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So 2015 is here.

What is different? Not much.

What is the same? Quite a bit.

That being said, we have the opportunity to make a difference this year in a number of areas, one being our approach to assessment.

Let’s face it, when it comes to assessment, especially standardized tests, we’ve gotten into the habit of playing the assessment blame game.[…] Continue Reading »

“Next generation student assessment.” I’ve defined it elsewhere as the integration of new technology and better assessment techniques that allow teachers to know more about their students. Still, that is such an amorphous term. There is no consensus on the structure or form of next generation student assessment. Irrespective of the lack of clear definition, there is agreement on its benefits.[…] Continue Reading »

It wasn’t that long ago that suggesting America’s schools had become test-obsessed was a lonely endeavor. Although organizations like FairTest and campaigns like Time Out From Testing have been decrying the flawed logic behind high-stakes tests for years, the reality is that for the past decade, many of us kept our complaints reserved for the privacy of the parking lot.[…] Continue Reading »

After spending the better part of last week in staff development sessions for my year-round middle school, I’ve come to a painful realization: Schools — and the parents, practitioners, principals, and policymakers who support them — have a dysfunctional relationship with answers.

“What kinds of patterns can we find in the wrong answers that students gave on the end of grade exams?” we ask at the beginning of every school year.[…] Continue Reading »

Money matters, but it’s not the main reason people quit their jobs, according to one study of Canadian workers. “What managers fail to perceive is that ‘push factors,’ mostly within their own power, are the initial stimuli – the first causes – that that open the door to the ‘pull’ of outside opportunities,” said Jeff Aplin, executive vice president of David Aplin Recruiting.[…] Continue Reading »