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Penny Marsh, global director of regulatory compliance at Sensient Flavors & Fragrances, recently completed her second master’s degree — a Master of Jurisprudence in Global Food Law from Michigan State University — when she decided she needed a new challenge. So, she is learning to play the violin through instructional videos she watches on her iPad.[…] Continue Reading »

Websites and technology are pretty much ubiquitous these days, no matter what industry you work in, but there are challenges that can come with incorporating technology into an existing business model, especially in more traditional industries like food retail and restaurants.

As consumers become more connected via smartphones and other gadgets and technology like mobile payment systems take root across industries, it is vital that retailers and restaurants keep pace with technology and keep customers engaged.[…] Continue Reading »

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A recent survey by Boston Consulting Group and Grocery Manufacturers Association revealed that supply chain executives are facing rising costs and declining service levels in their transportation and logistics operations.

Freight costs increased by as much as 11% during the past year, the report found, while case-fill rates and on-time deliveries declined, with respondents reporting service levels falling 1% to 5%.[…] Continue Reading »

From restaurant and retail giants that are household names to small, regional brands that aren’t known throughout the whole industry, subscription services are becoming a big part of the food and beverage space. Services like Amazon Prime and Blue Apron are increasingly finding favor among consumers with busy lives, so what does this mean for the traditional retail and restaurant players and the food industry as a whole?[…] Continue Reading »

It seems every day brings more e-mails, more data, more information to sort through. Your workload increases but you can’t add more hours to the day. How can you push back?

Use these innovations to reduce overwork, streamline communication and increase productivity. Take advantage of technology. Make it work for you instead of driving your life.[…] Continue Reading »