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This is a very exciting time for the food and beverage industry; there is such a vibrancy overflowing for all things cooking, shopping and eating. Consumers have a newfound curiosity, a deeper interest and higher levels of engagement with food that we are truly witnessing a broader cultural shift. You might say we are living in a food culture renaissance.[…] Continue Reading »

Top news stories this week included quickservice restaurant news involving two big players in the industry: In-N-Out and McDonald’s – as In-N-Out finds a customer loyalty in keeping its menu as it is, McDonald’s is changing things up with a new version of its value menu.

In the CPG world, ConAgra’s spinoff of its Lamb Weston frozen potato products division to form two separate, publicly-traded companies was a departure from the slew of mergers and acquisitions we’ve seen throughout the year and was well-read by SmartBrief subscribers.[…] Continue Reading »

Editor’s note: This is the second of a three-part series on some of the construction technology on display at the October 2015 BIMForum in Orlando, Fla. The first part about Fieldlens is here.

“Nothing is more important to avoiding construction disputes than preparing solid, detailed, and contemporaneous documentation during the project,” writes attorney Doug Hibshman. And to that end, many construction superintendents and foremen spend an hour or so each day writing and filing their daily reports – and most dread the chore.[…] Continue Reading »

“Learn how to think like an 8-year-old,” Mike Walsh, author of FUTURETAINMENT and CEO of innovation research lab Tomorrow, said at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta on how to engage the next generation of consumers. Why an 8-year-old? Because anyone born after 2007 will have a completely different view of the world, he elaborated, as exposure to technology fundamentally changes us.[…] Continue Reading »

There’s no doubt about it: Running a restaurant today is tougher than ever before.

On top of some usual challenges — financial planning, food and labor — restaurateurs must also stay abreast of technologies that are changing the way our industry and customers do business. The great news is technology is making us more efficient by increasing productivity, reducing wait times and satisfying busy, tech-savvy customers who want to incorporate dining out into their time-constrained schedules.[…] Continue Reading »