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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” — Jack Welch

The message didn’t really fit directly with the lesson that the professor was delivering. Perhaps that’s why I remember it most clearly from everything that he taught during that entire course.[…] Continue Reading »

Do you know the one thing in common in companies like Skype, eBay and Facebook?

True, they are all successful in their own industries. But how did they get there?

One reason is that each used simple management technique called the 3Ps — the technique of progress, plans and problems. Now, it might sound silly to summarize the success of such remarkable enterprises to a single management method, but there is no reason to undervalue the true power in it.[…] Continue Reading »

I wish you could have seen it. Twenty teenagers and four YMCA leaders — including me — were about to embark on a two-day rafting trip.

These kids could not have been more different. Half were from the inner city; half from the suburbs. Two inner city leaders joined us two from the ‘burbs. None of us had any experience with whitewater rafting.[…] Continue Reading »

Fostering teamwork has long been a holy grail in business culture, and, on the surface, the selling function is as committed to this ideal as any area of the enterprise.

What major sales organization hasn’t featured a legendary coach on the podium of their annual sales meeting? We even call it a sales team to vaguely imply that the performance of the group is greater than the sum of its individual parts, that it can enhance the organization’s ability to adapt to new challenges and develop innovative solutions for customers.[…] Continue Reading »

What is collaboration, really? Office spaces are structured with open-seating plans designed to foster greater collaboration. Steve Jobs so wanted employees to have to walk past and interact with each other that he envisioned a headquarters for Pixar with one centrally located set of restrooms.

So, is collaboration being physically close to one another? Is it about creating situations that encourage interaction?[…] Continue Reading »