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Here is a question you’ve probably never heard from behind the bar: “Excuse me, bartender? Exactly how water-efficient IS that double IPA on tap?”

While I personally ask that two or three times each week, I realize it usually isn’t a top concern for most beer enthusiasts — at least not yet.

Trends, they are a-changing

“Beer drinkers will always choose their beer based upon quality, taste, and local origin,” said Cheri Chastain, sustainability manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.[…] Continue Reading »

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Linda Gilbert is founder and CEO EcoFocus Worldwide, LLC, and founder and former president of HealthFocus International. She brings more than 30 years as a market researcher and strategy consultant helping companies link their product benefits to consumer and nutrition trends.

She’s done extensive qualitative and quantitative studies for food and beverage manufacturers and other in the industry.[…] Continue Reading »

While the worlds of business, activism and academia use the concept of sustainability to incorporate economic, social and environmental issues into one neat and tidy concept, most consumers understand the underlying values of the concept to be better expressed in terms of “transparency” and “responsibility.”

Our Transparency 2015 report finds that awareness of, and familiarity with, sustainability continues to grow, reaching an all-time high of 79% in 2015 (up from 74% in 2013).[…] Continue Reading »

For restaurateurs, practicing sustainability can be challenging, but ultimately rewarding. It is important to start small and make incremental steps, but sometimes it’s fun and illustrative to think big.

Going zero waste is thinking and acting big! It can also boost your business.

So what is zero waste? Basically, it means reducing the amount of material you send to landfills by 90% or more.[…] Continue Reading »

Water is the one integral ingredient you need to operate your restaurant.

The food you serve, cooking you do and proper sanitation practices you use probably wouldn’t exist without water.

But for restaurateurs, the big problem is you likely are wasting an enormous amount of the precious liquid every single day.

Think about it. A seemingly small leak, if left unfixed, could literally cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, and tens of thousands of gallons of water wasted (or more).[…] Continue Reading »