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Today’s students will always be connected to their high-school classmates. No more last-minute exercise regimens before the 10-year reunion. “Friends” or “friends of friends” will already know who gained — or lost — 10 pounds, started a family and fulfilled superlative titles like “most likely to succeed.”

There is no denying that social media platforms have transformed how students interact with one another.[…] Continue Reading »

Social media can be a powerful tool to coordinate and connect with parents. At the school level, this is important work for everyone, from the classroom teacher to the principal. Some districts even have paid school employees called parent coordinators who are responsible for engaging with and involving parents in the school community. It is their job to create a welcoming environment for parents as well as to identify and address parent and related school/community issues.[…] Continue Reading »

Congratulations! You have created a Twitter account and followed some great people like @ShellTerrell and @Web20Classroom. You spent a few days lurking and favoriting great resources shared by your slowly growing PLN. Wow, you even participated in your first #edchat and responded to @MBTeach and even received a RT from @Cybraryman1. I’m sure you have this awesome feeling now that you have connected to other educators from around the globe, but the big questions is this: “Now what?”

I am all for being a connected educator.[…] Continue Reading »

My colleagues Hadley Ferguson, Mike Ritzius and I presented the conversation “A New Species of Educator” at the #140edu conference in New York City. Over the course of 20 minutes, we talked about how being a connected educator can make us feel kind of like aliens. When we talk about our friends whom we’ve never met but have talked to for years online, and explain how much we learn from them, or when we talk about things like “flipping the classroom” or letting students lead their own learning, people sometimes look at us like we’re from another planet.[…] Continue Reading »