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Thinking about social media and how it works in regards to learning inside and outside of classrooms is endless and inspiring. Just by tweeting an idea, you can spark a connection and invite your students to experience the value of social media.

As I began to dabble with this idea, I was immediately struck by how other educators were using this tool as a way to connect, engage and enhance learning.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief editors regularly cover news stories about the ways in which schools are using social media in the classroom. News about cyberbullying, Internet safety and other concerns is prevalent as well. Last week, SmartBrief on EdTech polled readers about the risks vs. rewards of social media — from Facebook to Twitter and text messaging — in educational settings, and found that the jury is still out.[…] Continue Reading »

In many schools and learning organizations, professional development is still an “event.” It’s something that happens a few times a year, imparting isolated chunks of information and strategy to educators. This type of learning is often not pervasive enough to inform everyday practice.

Social media has the ability to change that. And teachers are starting to take this to heart.[…] Continue Reading »

While social media sites can become a deep abyss, they can also be a helpful tool. For teachers, between September and May there are so many demands on our time, and we are often stretched so thin that we have little time for much else. Because of this, until recently I had shied away from using social media sites due to the fear of becoming addicted and losing precious time.[…] Continue Reading »

Many educators are aware of education Twitter chats and some have even participated in one of the hundreds of chats that take place each week. The reason Twitter chats are great is because they let you dive quickly into an issue with others around the world who share your passion. The people whose input you find valuable are ones that you can follow and connect with in the future.[…] Continue Reading »