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There’s a science behind what kind of content does well online. Even having all the right ingredients doesn’t guarantee that an item will go viral. So what makes content shareable? Is it the image, the catchy headline, or the fact that it was written by a respected leader or influencer? Do people share content that has been shared by their friends or peers?[…] Continue Reading »

Compliance professionals are struggling to keep up with the explosion of communications channels, including social media and mobile devices, according to the latest Electronic Communications Compliance Survey Report from Smarsh.

The company’s sixth annual compliance survey found that gaps in enforcement, retention and policies remain very high, exposing firms to the risks of undetected fraud, errors and regulatory enforcement actions.[…] Continue Reading »

Pinterest once had the reputation of being a place where young users, mostly women, could post pins about their passions, projects, crafts, and hobbies. But it has become a much broader tool that many companies also use — including those not in retail — to promote content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, whitepapers, and more.

Here are a few examples of the types of companies to which I refer:

Even companies with exceptional customer service backgrounds can experience disaster at any moment. The internet makes it possible for even a minor customer service blunder to have a tremendous impact on your online reputation. Just like a natural disaster, it’s best to be prepared before the storm ever strikes.

Disasters can be sudden and unpredictable

A lot of companies believe that customer service disasters won’t happen to them, which makes their occurrence even more sudden.[…] Continue Reading »

Is your marketing team dreaming of creating the next Green Giant?

Bad news: It’s no longer possible to create a character like Tony the Tiger, Mr. Clean or the Michelin Man and see these figures endure for decades and bleed into pop culture simply by featuring them in ads.

That’s right: The traditional brand mascot is going extinct.[…] Continue Reading »