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Even companies with exceptional customer service backgrounds can experience disaster at any moment. The internet makes it possible for even a minor customer service blunder to have a tremendous impact on your online reputation. Just like a natural disaster, it’s best to be prepared before the storm ever strikes.

Disasters can be sudden and unpredictable

A lot of companies believe that customer service disasters won’t happen to them, which makes their occurrence even more sudden.[…] Continue Reading »

Is your marketing team dreaming of creating the next Green Giant?

Bad news: It’s no longer possible to create a character like Tony the Tiger, Mr. Clean or the Michelin Man and see these figures endure for decades and bleed into pop culture simply by featuring them in ads.

That’s right: The traditional brand mascot is going extinct.[…] Continue Reading »

Theoretically, the decision made by many companies and big brands to use social media platforms as a means of customer service makes a lot of sense. Many, if not all, of these companies are already using social media for marketing purposes, so the customer service platform is already proven to be multi-faceted and useful. On top of that, statistics show that 75% of all internet users are on some form of social media, so it’s a natural conclusion that these platforms might be the best direct line for customer service.[…] Continue Reading »

One of the biggest changes in marketing in recent years has been the explosion of social media. There are many different social media platforms to engage current and potential customers. While social media can be an incredibly useful tool for many companies, usage needs to be carefully regulated and monitored to prevent agitating your customer base.

Manage new social media platforms
From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, there is no shortage of platforms available to companies looking to utilize social media.[…] Continue Reading »

Having a presence on social media is no longer an option for food retailers and brands, especially as consumers become increasingly connected and social platforms continue to grow. But managing that presence varies from one company to another, with some brands and retailers finding the right balance of engaging with social media users and others still figuring it out.[…] Continue Reading »