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their friends[…] Continue Reading »

At Seth Godin’s keynote this morning at the IAB’s MIXX event in New York City, he discussed the importance on focusing on “what’s now” in marketing and advertising, not “what’s next.”

So what is now, you ask? Godin discussed the notion that marketers have put themselves in a bit of a predicament. Over the course of the past 50 to 60 years, marketers have learned that the more frequently they hit customers with a message about a product or service, the more they are inclined to purchase.[…] Continue Reading »

This post was contributed by Kate Bradley, founder of Outlandos Music and alumna of XM Radio, Pump Audio, and a virtual alphabet soup of radio stations up and down the Eastern seaboard.

As a consultant for independent musicians on social media and brand building, I find myself observing my own habits as a consumer and music fan.[…] Continue Reading »

Jeremy Epstein runs Never Stop Marketing, a firm that specializes in “cutting-edge Community Driven Marketing” for such clients as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Yes To Carrots, and best-selling author Dan Pink. He blogs religiously at Igniting the Revolution and can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, FriendFeed.

Who wouldn’t want customers like those of Dan Pink’s book “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko,” who volunteered their own time and money to host events for other readers?[…] Continue Reading »