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Are you caught up with the most recent online marketing changes, updates and theories? Wishpond’s James Scherer, in this four-part series, will examine the most influential changes that have happened in the past six months, and how those changes affect you and your business on a daily basis.

This week, Scherer will discuss Content Shock — what it is and why it matters.[…] Continue Reading »

Websites that existed prior to the age of social media shared content through the use of newsletters that were e-mailed to listed subscribers. Although social media channels made it easier to share content, a lot of websites have been slow in integrating this technology into their legacy systems. The importance of using social media cannot be understated.[…] Continue Reading »

Does your business have a blog? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is no. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s research on blogging found that 23% of Fortune 500 companies and 37% of Inc. 500 companies had a blog in 2011, a decrease from 2010.

Examine the research, and you’ll find that 92% of businesses found blogs one of the most successful forms of social media, up from 86% in 2010.[…] Continue Reading »

Mobile-device users are constantly seeking information from every company and organization they touch. These users have their mobile devices with them for 14 hours of every day, and every hour is an opportunity to reach out. Mobile marketing is all about the customer voluntarily making contact with the company because they want your feedback — and you must be able to provide that information.[…] Continue Reading »

This blog series, featuring interviews with speakers from the SES Conference & Expo, scheduled Aug. 15 to 19 in San Francisco, is brought to you by Incisive Media.

This Q-and-A is with Simon Heseltine, AOL’s director in charge of search engine optimization. Heseltine is in charge of organic search and training across all of the AOL and Huffington Post Media Group.[…] Continue Reading »