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The only place I can buy shoes in my size is the United States of America. Sounds crazy, I know, but we don’t have large-size shoes in stores back home in India. But what do large shoes have to do with your social media brand-advocacy program? Everything!

Brand advocates and social media

Do social media and brand advocacy sound like strange bedfellows?[…] Continue Reading »

Sanjay Shetty is the founder of Communities R Us Consulting Services, which helps organizations convert customers into brand advocates. Shetty has been the president of INETA APAC, a nonprofit supporting technology communities, for more than nine years. Check out his blog.

Having a brand advocate strategy is invaluable. But finding brand advocates can be tricky and there’s a lack of resources out there to teach you how to reach out to your advocates, so I’ve created my own list of ideas.[…] Continue Reading »