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It hardly seems possible, but the time has come when high-potential millennials are assuming leadership roles.

If you take the long view, it makes sense to prepare your best, young professionals now for the big promotional step that their predecessors typically had to wait 10, 15 years or longer to expect. They’re already so “up to speed” on so many essential, differentiating aspects of the competitive marketplace that they add value now that renders the typical career maturing process obsolete.[…] Continue Reading »

We are entering the time of commencement speeches. Some may go viral while others will evaporate as soon as the words are spoken. It is an important time, nonetheless, as a younger generation enters the next phase of their life and leadership path.

A millennial leader address to other leaders

It might be interesting to switch the roles.[…] Continue Reading »

January is National Mentoring Month. Because you’re probably already familiar with the mentoring concept, let’s look at a relatively recent variation: reverse mentoring.

When your 5-year-old grandchild shows you how to tag a photo on Facebook, that’s reverse mentoring.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the concept was introduced by former General Electric Chairman Jack Welch more than a decade ago.[…] Continue Reading »