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Out with the old and in with the new. So went the trend in most-popular stories this week, with details on Whole Foods Market‘s first 365 store, slated to open in Los Angeles next month, gaining the attention of the most readers this week. The store will reportedly put an emphasis on efficiency, with limited space for service departments and an emphasis on prepackaged fresh offerings, which will cut down on the store’s labor requirements, according to a floor plan for the store.[…] Continue Reading »

What comes to mind when you imagine the eating habits of the average college student? Is it the stereotypically cash-strapped millennial stocking up on packets of ramen and macaroni and cheese, or is it the more modern foodie looking for new and exciting options at dining halls and at the hottest restaurants in town? The correct answer is both and everything in between – among other insights, Datassential’s newest Topical Keynote Report on Colleges & Universities found that while money is a concern for students, with expense being the top reason cited for not being on a meal plan (40%), most students would spend a gift of money on food over other items like clothes or electronics.[…] Continue Reading »

In the constantly-changing era of the Internet, restaurants and retailers can no longer get by with just traditional offerings. Instead, they must evolve and create experiences to draw connected customers to their establishments. As a result, foodservice and retail can mean many different things, and sometimes they even go hand-in-hand.

As one of the oldest retailers in the United States, upscale department store chain Bloomingdale’s is no stranger to innovation and evolution, and one of the ways the retailer has evolved to create experiences that keep customers coming back is adding foodservice to many of its stores.[…] Continue Reading »

California Pizza Kitchen celebrated 30 years in the restaurant business last March, and the brand rolled out the Next Chapter Initiative as a roadmap to its future. SmartBrief interviewed Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Brand Officer Natalia Franco on how the brand is innovating with an eye toward the future and what she’s learned as a leader in the food and beverage industry.[…] Continue Reading »

Each year, the Conserve team develops sustainability education sessions for the NRA Show in Chicago, where approximately 63,000 foodservice professionals meet to talk business.

To help them better understand the industry landscape, we search for interesting topics that engage and educate. This year, one of those is the sourcing of sustainable and locally produced beef.

It’s a topic that’s extremely popular with both chefs and consumers.[…] Continue Reading »