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Over the past two years of publishing World Bites, our TrendSpotting Report that covers authentic flavors, dishes and ingredients from cuisines around the world, we’ve seen some trends emerge — the dishes that typically score well with consumers (meats and sweets), and those that may be more challenging (raw fish). We’ve featured cuisines most consumers are familiar with — Italian, Mexican — and those that are brand new for most — Bohemian, Basque, Ethiopian — and everything in between.[…] Continue Reading »

Top news stories this week included quickservice restaurant news involving two big players in the industry: In-N-Out and McDonald’s – as In-N-Out finds a customer loyalty in keeping its menu as it is, McDonald’s is changing things up with a new version of its value menu.

In the CPG world, ConAgra’s spinoff of its Lamb Weston frozen potato products division to form two separate, publicly-traded companies was a departure from the slew of mergers and acquisitions we’ve seen throughout the year and was well-read by SmartBrief subscribers.[…] Continue Reading »

The Japanese have a word, omoiyari, which has no English word equivalent, but it means to anticipate the customer’s needs and meet those needs before the customer has to ask, or even before the customer realizes they have that need. Taking care of the customer is the most important element to consider when building a restaurant brand, but it’s not the only thing to consider.[…] Continue Reading »

A restaurant update led the list of most-read stories by SmartBrief’s ffood and beverage readers last week. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook gave updates on the chain’s all-day breakfast launch and offered details on the company’s ongoing efforts to trim less-popular items from the menu to make room for McMuffins. Meanwhile, some franchisees worried that the new menu was slowing service.[…] Continue Reading »

This summer, I had dinner with a friend at a restaurant that focuses on a mix of Peruvian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. As we perused the menu, we quickly dismissed items we were familiar with and homed in on the more unusual dishes, like skewers of duck tongue and cape gooseberry.

My friend and I — like 25% of consumers in the US — are people who enjoy eating unconventional food.[…] Continue Reading »