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For many, ringing in a new year means clinking glasses of bubbly together in celebration. At Datassential, we’re toasting 2016 with our latest MenuTrends Keynote Report covering insights in alcoholic beverages. Our report covers all the bases, from consumer sentiment on alcohol preferences to operator data on what’s being served and where. The following is just a small shot of all of the insights covered in our report – a little aperitif to start you off.[…] Continue Reading »

Popular reads this week involved all – both retail and restaurants. Among the top stories were Lidl’s plan to expand out to the East Coast, hoping to build as many as 100 standalone 36,000-square-foot stores, and also, Kroger ranking as the top traditional supermarket retailer in the world, according to a report from the National Retail Federation.[…] Continue Reading »

Restaurants, consumer package goods brands and food retailers alike were making changes and developing strategies that trended toward innovation this week, a topic that drew the attention of SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers. In a move to strengthen its appeal among millennial consumers, McDonald’s revamped its packaging to feature a bold yet simple design. Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A announced the introduction of a trendy superfood salad featuring kale and broccolini, which will replace the chain’s classic coleslaw.[…] Continue Reading »

When looking ahead to the trends that will matter in 2016, Datassential focused on both the macro-level food trends that are redefining the industry, as well as the micro trends that are impacting specific ingredients or segments. We looked at the major trends that are influencing the culture and economy overall, from generational shifts to economic drivers, and combined it with

Datassential’s industry-defining data from services like MenuTrends and LOCAL to understand how the food industry will be affected in the year ahead.[…] Continue Reading »

This week’s most popular news items included stories of food retailers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and restaurants going big in a variety of ways. Topping out the list was the substantial sale of Keurig Green Mountain for $13.9 billion to JAB Holding, and following close behind was a story on how wholesale giant Costco‘s membership model and in-person deals on gas and food have made the warehouse retailer “Amazon-proof,” according to analysts.[…] Continue Reading »