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New ways of hiring, training and retaining talent. Embracing employee autonomy, feedback and empowerment. Changing the very structures of work and HR.

These are usually the ideas of futurists, outsiders or authors — think Daniel Pink’s book “Drive.” But on Monday at the Milken Institute Global Conference, these ideas were championed by executives from companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Sanofi and FedEx Express.[…] Continue Reading »

We’ve all seen how social media can engage customers and employees, but many companies forget about job-seekers, who now conduct most of their job searches online. Innovative brands are reaching out to candidates on social media. Sites created to let friends communicate are being used by clever recruiters to communicate their employer brand to active and passive candidates.[…] Continue Reading »

Most companies realize the value in employee referrals. For one, they’re often better candidates for openings since they’re pre-screened by folks who already work for you. But actually getting your employees to proactively reach out to their professional network can be tough.

How can leaders encourage employees to refer their connections to open positions within the company?[…] Continue Reading »

Fifty-six percent of Americans now have a profile on at least one social media networking site, according to a report by Edison Research. The same report found that a majority of social media users now check their accounts multiple times a day. While Facebook remains the most popular social media site, the number of daily tweets is on the rise — from 47% in 2010 to a whopping 76% in 2012 — for users with Twitter accounts.[…] Continue Reading »

Recruiting the best and brightest talent to your team has always been a challenge. To make matters worse, the recruiting game is constantly evolving. The dawn of the Internet fundamentally changed recruiting and workforce management, and social media and mobile technology are adding opportunities — and challenges — for companies competing for top talent.

The convergence of such technology calls for fresh policy and ways of thinking about recruiting and retaining employees.[…] Continue Reading »