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 This post is an excerpt from “Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences,” (March 2014, HarperBusiness), by Jane Hyun and Audrey S. Lee. The book is available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound.

As individuals we can accomplish only so much. We’re limited in our abilities. … Collectively, we face no such constraint.[…] Continue Reading »

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OCC says Volcker implementation to cost banks between $412M and $4.3B: That price tag sounds shockingly low. Considering all the fuss Wall Street has raised over the past few years desperately trying to beat back Volcker, that range is downright amazing. The estimate is for the cost spread across only the banks the OCC regulates.[…] Continue Reading »

Most employers dream about snagging an already employed candidate for their open positions. But are these passive candidates really right for the job? More importantly, in focusing on employed workers, are you missing a wide and motivated candidate pool? The unemployed get no love even though the bias against unemployed job seekers is just as hurtful to employers looking to hire the best.[…] Continue Reading »

Erin Osterhaus is the managing editor of The New Talent Times, a Software Advice blog. She focuses on the HR market, offering advice to industry professionals on the best recruiting, talent management and leadership techniques. Erin recently interviewed Anitra Collins, Twitter’s recruiting programs officer, to find out how the social network uses its own platform to recruit new employees.[…] Continue Reading »

Attracting the right kinds of workers can be difficult. In fact, a recent survey found that 35% of employers reported problems in finding staff with the right skills.

Though many employers face problems, good sales representatives are among the hardest to find. How can you ensure you’re doing all you can to find the hidden gems? You will likely need to rethink your hiring process if you hope to continually attract top candidates.[…] Continue Reading »