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The Navy SEALs and their training regimen; the reason you should never use buzzwords in your e-mails; and how to maintain your savoir-faire.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Leadership:

This post is by contributor Jennifer V. Miller, managing partner of SkillSource and author of the blog The People Equation. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter @JenniferVMiller and SkillSource on Facebook.

Bill, an executive at a large company, made an impromptu appearance at a department meeting attended by 30 employees. He gave a rousing pep-talk that concluded with “I’ll support your decision to say ‘no’ to non-value-added projects.” With that, he departed to refrains of “Thanks, Bill!”

Here’s the part Bill didn’t see — the cynical comments making the rounds later that day: “So, what do you think Bill will say when I tell him ‘no’ to one of his pet projects?[…] Continue Reading »