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I recently fell down a retail reading rabbit hole. A biography on entitled “The Everything Store” led me to “Sam Walton: Made in America,” the autobiography of the legendary Wal-Mart Stores founder, one of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ inspirations, perhaps not surprisingly. Walton explained the rise of shopping centers in small towns all across America and how these enabled Wal-Mart to compete against the big city department stores.[…] Continue Reading »

Brad M. Hutensky is the principal of Hutensky Capital Partners, a fund manager that invests in U.S. retail real estate and the 2012-13 chairman of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

As we look forward to a new year, what challenges do you see the shopping center industry facing, and how best do these need to be addressed?[…] Continue Reading »

New York real estate entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran of The Corcoran Group gave her firsthand account Tuesday at the World Business Forum of success from a $100 loan to selling her first company for $66 million.

Corcoran’s rags-to-riches story of a waitress who made it big has plenty of elements of fun (a necessary part of doing business, in her opinion), along with funny and practical advice for entrepreneurs or others in business.[…] Continue Reading »

This Spotlight on Location Data blog series is brought to you by Esri, a leading provider of software that brings location intelligence to business decisions.

When retailers and other businesses are looking to purchase commercial real estate, they often turn to a broker who knows the lay of the land for advice on choosing the best site.[…] Continue Reading »

The National Association of Realtors hosts two big conferences a year. One brings in 10,000 attendees; the other tops out at about 20,000.

But the association has 1.1 million members. Although those attendance numbers are big, there’s a significant number of members who don’t make the conferences.

In his recent BlogWell presentation, the association’s Todd Carpenter walked us through how the group used a small investment in social media coverage to earn a 10-fold increase in traffic and take events to a much bigger audience.[…] Continue Reading »