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A few weeks ago we kicked off our series, ”Moving Up the Value Chain of Speaking Approaches” with a look at the Expert presentation approach.

If you missed the previous articles in the series, see:

Business leaders know firsthand the importance of aligning a team and galvanizing members to take action.[…] Continue Reading »

What’s your goal when you step up to speak? Winning that next big piece of business, getting that hard-earned promotion, or becoming known as a mover and shaker? To achieve results, your presentation has to provide the value your listeners want and expect. If it doesn’t, your all-important goal may slip through your fingers.

Does your approach to speaking add the value your listeners need?[…] Continue Reading »

Netflix recently released the third season of its original production “House of Cards.” This critically acclaimed political drama is the story of Frank Underwood, a high-powered congressman who, after being passed over for appointment as secretary of state, initiates an ambitious plan to obtain a position of greater power.

As the third season unfolds, Underwood’s elaborate scheming has come to fruition and he steps in as president.[…] Continue Reading »

Everyone knows Superman’s great weakness: Kryptonite. It’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to suck away his strength and destroy his power. As public speakers, we all face a similar weakness that can bring us down and destroy our confidence or credibility. That weakness is doubt.

Superman did his research and developed strategies to overcome his weakness. Luckily, we don’t need to wear a lead-lined suit on stage, but as speakers we too can use proven antidotes to conquer our doubts and let our superpowers emerge.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s no secret that being confident in your message will make you a more engaging speaker and increase the impact of your presentation. But occasionally we all need some tools to increase our presentation prowess. What if you had a few tools at your disposal that would help you take your presentation to the next level? Tools so powerful you’ll feel like Superman at the podium, rather than Clark Kent?[…] Continue Reading »