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How do strong vocal delivery skills enhance your presentation?

A voice that is both easy to hear and pleasing to listen to immediately grabs your attention. Think about it: How many times have you found yourself tuning out a speaker with a nasal or whiny voice, or one that’s too loud and aggressive, because it’s torture on your ears?[…] Continue Reading »

Poor use of PowerPoint is such a common bad habit that it’s almost become the norm in the corporate world. Yet it’s not such a hard habit to break when you apply the simple and potent PowerPoint strategies that we address in this two-part series.

Last time, we focused on some of the common habits that even veteran speakers can fall into:

  • Following equations of “X slides per minute”
  • Putting too much text on a slide
  • Leaving out visuals

See part one of our series.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s easy for all of us to develop bad habits, whether drinking too much coffee or always running late, but it can be much harder to break them! In the corporate world, there is one bad habit that we’d like to see everyone kick to the curb: poor use of PowerPoint. Even the most skilled presenters can do better![…] Continue Reading »

As a coach and professional development provider, I often find myself having some variation of the following conversation with an organization’s chief executive, HR director or program coordinator.

“Please make sure,” they say, “to include lots of practical examples for everyone in the room when you speak.” They explain their request as follows. “Oftentimes when we bring someone in to present a workshop we get blowback, particularly from the old-timers.[…] Continue Reading »

This week we continue our series “Moving Up the Value Chain of Speaking Approaches” with a look at the Catalyst presentation approach.

If you missed the previous articles in the series, see:

The catalyst: Mover and shaker of tomorrow

Are you a business leader who believes passionately that changing the status quo is not only possible, but absolutely necessary, to contribute to the growth of your company?[…] Continue Reading »