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True confession time.

I once worked for a large, global conglomerate that was in a death spiral and struggling to turn things around. The company was harvesting its mature and declining business to pump cash into its growth bets.

This company had a proud tradition of investing in the development of its employees. Sales reps were trained in their products and how to sell them, scientists went to conferences, engineers were offered continued training to keep their skills up to date, and new managers were trained how to manage.[…] Continue Reading »

In order to celebrate Digital Learning Day last month, I racked my brain to come up with something that would be both manageable and meaningful for me and my colleagues. The staff where I teach and provide technology coaching spans the spectrum when it comes to technology integration in the classroom.

There are roughly 70 teachers at my site and due to the nature of our campus, student population, master schedule and limited prep time, it is virtually impossible to arrange time for meaningful, authentic collaboration, outside of various mandated monthly meetings.[…] Continue Reading »

Some managers see the annual performance review as a necessary evil. The employees being reviewed sometimes see it as even worse and, for many of them, it’s the year’s most stressful workplace event. It shouldn’t be this way.

You can make the performance review a powerful tool for improving the workforce’s productivity and furthering the careers of the employees being reviewed.[…] Continue Reading »

Many of the leaders I work with are considered “high potential” to move to higher levels within their organizations. They are all really smart.

That’s a problem for anyone who has gained a certain prestige in an organization because of what they know, and it isn’t enough to stand out from the crowd. Look around and notice that your peers — all vying for a smaller number of senior executive level positions in the company — are smart, too.[…] Continue Reading »

Want to be more productive? Daydream.

When I was 6 years old, I remember my grandmother saying I was going to be a philosopher when I grew up. Apparently, I would spend hours happily looking outside a window daydreaming. One caveat to point out: This was in Pakistan in the 1970s, and there wasn’t anything good on TV![…] Continue Reading »