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For most of us in the field of education, summer is a time that we wait for all year. During the months of July and August (or, for some of our colleagues, June and July,) we relax and recharge. Perhaps we are doing some summer school teaching during these months or use the time to plan for next year.[…] Continue Reading »

After nearly a decade as a classroom teacher in Oklahoma City Public Schools, I started feeling what all educators hope to avoid: burnout. It escalated to the point where I told my principal I would rather take a non-professional job at local fast food restaurant or retail story than continue teaching.

But from that low came an opportunity that would forever change my life on both a personal and professional level.[…] Continue Reading »

Nearly 100 educators and thought leaders flocked to the U.S. Department of Education headquarters June 6 to join #EdcampUSA, an “unconference” led by educators, for educators. Hundreds more joined the conversation via social media. Visit Storify to view tweets and pictures that captured the day. Educators built the schedule on the spot and volunteered to lead sessions on professional development, connected learning and digital trends.[…] Continue Reading »

The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Read previous SmartBlogs posts by YEC.

1. Share your knowledge

Knowledge and experience are powerful, and you can empower others by sharing what you know to help others.[…] Continue Reading »

True confession time.

I once worked for a large, global conglomerate that was in a death spiral and struggling to turn things around. The company was harvesting its mature and declining business to pump cash into its growth bets.

This company had a proud tradition of investing in the development of its employees. Sales reps were trained in their products and how to sell them, scientists went to conferences, engineers were offered continued training to keep their skills up to date, and new managers were trained how to manage.[…] Continue Reading »