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If coaching is to succeed, it must be simple and specific. That’s why I am a big believer in flash cards. Maybe this goes back to my childhood when my patient mother used them to help me learn phonetics, words and arithmetic.

You can even make a master flash card for dealing with complex problems by doing the following:

We make countless decisions every day. We probably feel as though we generally make those decisions completely rationally. However, that is most likely not the case. We probably make many decisions each day that are not entirely rational, and that would not yield the optimal business outcomes.

Fortunately, research in neuroscience suggests that we can rewire our brains for better decision making.[…] Continue Reading »

Despite the temptation to be “always on,” the best leaders have discovered — and a growing amount of research is backing this up — that the best way to stay productive all the time is to spend a good portion of it being deliberately unproductive.

Since sabbaticals originated in the academic world, the majority of the research done on them has been conducted in that context.[…] Continue Reading »

After logging on your email in the morning, do you ever find yourself falling into a rabbit hole of reactions and responses that rob you of a good hour of your day — every day?

What about your texting, social media, Googling, or online gaming habits? Have these behaviors been slowly and steadily growing in frequency over the years?[…] Continue Reading »

It’s a familiar lament at work: We can’t get anything done because we’re all so busy interacting. Open-office plans, project teams and the incessant ping of our devices lay siege to any possibility of extended mental concentration. The modern workplace, with all its interruptions and distractions, is like an unruly kid on a sugar high at Chuck E.[…] Continue Reading »