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Posture is critical to public speaking.

The stance of a speaker says much about how a speaker feels about what is saying as well as how he wants the audience to receive the message. A speaker hunched over at the podium, or one who is furtively glancing sideways or upwards, but never at the audience, radiates discomfiture.[…] Continue Reading »

Picture it – an empty stage. An audience leans forward in anticipation. Lights come on. The speaker steps out, and, for the next hour, you sit through what is possibly the worst presentation you have ever heard.

We’ve all been in that audience at least once. Some of us have been that speaker. Ouch! Most of us just want to put it behind us as soon as possible.[…] Continue Reading »

For many of us, speaking in public is our No. 1 fear.

Fear of speaking in public stems from many things such as uncertainty about what to say, the perception that you might embarrass yourself, or even self-consciousness about how you will sound. These feelings stem from one thing: lack of self-confidence.

Find out how can you gain more confidence as a speaker.[…] Continue Reading »

Have you ever seen an executive scurry across the stage, head down, clutching a copy of his presentation, and on reaching the podium, immediately begin speaking? In doing this, the exec resembles a mouse seeking shelter more than a leader about to deliver an important message! Very unleader-like!

When you take the stage, you want to own it.[…] Continue Reading »

About 10 years ago, we sat through an entire presentation on an arcane software protocol called “OFX.” Befuddling. We had no clue what the acronym meant or what the protocol actually did, which was a big problem because we were charged with explaining it to the company’s customers.

After the meeting we asked an experienced colleague what OFX stood for.[…] Continue Reading »