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When you are presenting your ideas, you don’t have to sublimate your personality. It may be your most important asset.

Effective leaders know how to inject their personality into their ideas. How?

  • One, think about what you want to say. Make a well-reasoned argument.
  • Two, reflect on what your words really mean. Whom do they affect? What the benefits of your ideas?
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This week we continue our series “Moving Up the Value Chain of Speaking Approaches” with a look at the Catalyst presentation approach.

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The catalyst: Mover and shaker of tomorrow

Are you a business leader who believes passionately that changing the status quo is not only possible, but absolutely necessary, to contribute to the growth of your company?[…] Continue Reading »

My son is all grown up now and studying hard at university, but when he was a small boy and was naughty I remember the following dialogue.

Me: “Reece, why did you do that?”

Reece: “I don’t know.”

Me: “But Reece, you know better than that.”

Reece: “I know, Dad”

Me: “Well, if you know, why did you do it?”

Reece: “I don’t know.”

As adults, how many times do you find yourself or others doing what they know full well they shouldn’t do but doing it anyway?[…] Continue Reading »

‘The Leadership Challenge” by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner shared the findings of extensive research that surveyed thousands of people asking, “What values, personal traits, or characteristics do you look for and admire in a leader?”

After further empirical analysis, they reduced the results to a list of 20 characteristics and surveyed more than 75,000 people around the world.[…] Continue Reading »

What’s your goal when you step up to speak? Winning that next big piece of business, getting that hard-earned promotion, or becoming known as a mover and shaker? To achieve results, your presentation has to provide the value your listeners want and expect. If it doesn’t, your all-important goal may slip through your fingers.

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