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The fallout from the tragic events in Newtown, Conn., continues to reverberate as various proposals have been created to discuss the best way to ensure that a similar event does not occur in one of our schools in the future. Listening to so many people with so many differing points of view state their case with solutions like armed principals, armed janitors, armed guards, etc.[…] Continue Reading »

As a school leader who recently sold my community on the importance of moving to a one-to-one environment where every student has access to a web-based device, I believe strongly that our students will be more literate than students in other schools who do not have access to web-enabled devices. A look at the world outside of our schools and the technological resources being accessed in so many professions that allow people to work “smarter” is a clear indication of the track that our students need to be on in order to be able to function in the “real world.”

The biggest stumbling block in schools even if we can get the devices is the proficiency level of the adults in the building in utilizing the technology resources effectively.[…] Continue Reading »