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Martin Zwilling recently noted in a Forbes review of “The Digital Dollar” that “The route to success is not a random walk.” He further notes that, “From a strategic perspective, all the above should start with an overall digital roadmap, where you define your goals, outline the steps required, and articulate your success measurements.”

This article outlines one proven method of creating an online strategy through the “digitalroadmap” process found in “The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Strategies.” The key components of roadmap building are reviewed together with insights, tips and advice including the “must haves” to review or get started on your process.[…] Continue Reading »

This guest post is by Andre Kay, CEO and CMO for Sociallybuzz, which provides social media management, marketing, fan page management and social media consultation. Sociallybuzz is designed to help brands, franchises, restaurants, nightclubs and retail stores with simple or advance social media development and marketing while delivering businesses and brands the greatest number of options in how they define and reach their relevant audiences.[…] Continue Reading »

Chef Carla Hall said it best on Tuesday at the Summer Fancy Food Show: Online marketing is a full-time job. The chef who climbed to celebrity status through “Top Chef” was at the show to discover new packaging and artisan cheeses, but picked up a few ideas from Paul Zullo, managing director of Silver Creative Group, who outlined a three-part program for online marketing at the show.[…] Continue Reading »

Despite the growing number of new social networking tools, social media’s secret weapon is still e-mail, according to Jesse Engle of ExactTarget and a speaker at Monday’s Realtime NY 11, who maintains that e-mail has actually increased our use of social media.

Companies should consider their e-mail marketing campaigns as a complement to their social media efforts and each channel should be treated individually based on that audience’s needs.[…] Continue Reading »

Where spam is currently wreaking havoc; how social media business practices evolve; and the chances that Facebook reinvents online marketing.

It’s all on this past week’s top 5 most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Social Media: