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It can be tempting to look at the major bloggers in your space and despair, thinking to yourself that you’ve missed your window of opportunity, that the big guys have it all sewn up and it’s too late for you to make your mark.

But at a New Media Expo panel in Las Vegas, Robert Scoble and Mitch Joel told attendees just the opposite: With a little persistence, solid planning and creativity, you too can amass a social media following that takes your brand to the next level.[…] Continue Reading »

Scott Monty took the stage at the 2013 New Media Expo in Las Vegas to talk about what he’s learned from four years of evolving social media programs at Ford.¬†While the brand has had its share of ups and downs in the social media space, it has continually looked for new ways to connect with fans and to build positive word-of-mouth around its vehicles.[…] Continue Reading »