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I had the privilege of attending a client holiday party last week that didn’t turn out as I expected.

Like most office parties, there was the usual coterie of festive revelers who made a few too many trips to the punch bowl. But no one got so out of control that they reenacted the iconic party scene from Seinfeld where Elaine breaks into a dance that makes you wonder if what you’re witnessing is really a seizure instead.[…] Continue Reading »

Having trouble coming up with a good New Year’s leadership resolution? Here’s a list of 10 to pick from. These are things that leaders know they should do but often don’t. Don’t overdo it — just pick one and commit to it.

Feel free to submit your own in the comments section — there’s nothing like a public declaration to hold yourself accountable.[…] Continue Reading »

Mark Stelzner thinks human resources “has done a historically lousy job of seeking answers from within,” so his New Year’s resolution is to “listen more/talk less.” I can’t speak for the entire profession, but I know that as an employee my best experiences with HR have involved someone asking me questions and really listening to what I think about workplace issues.[…] Continue Reading »