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There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of that moment when you’re first awarded an important leadership role.

Having “finally arrived” you imagine yourself as the rock star taking center stage at a roaring stadium of adoring fans. You can almost hear the ear shattering cheers of the crowd as they clamor to get closer, iPhones in hand, ready for the chance to take a cherished selfie and bask in your celebrity.[…] Continue Reading »

Looking to get to the top of your organization? You’d better work on your motivation skills. That finding comes from a survey by IIC Partners headquartered in London.

As the survey explained, “68 percent of top leaders say they preferred a senior executive who could motivate and inspire others” over the ability to perform well.

When employees see that their boss walks the talk, stands up for them, and has a clear vision, they are motivated to follow. And when they see a leader who believes that his/her job is to serve (rather than being served) they are all the more motivated.[…] Continue Reading »

So what do you do when you hit the wall?

Sometimes it is not simply fatigue but symptom of something deeper. You feel that you are lacking in creativity and, as a result, you are not challenging yourself or your team to achieve their best. You need help!

So find a partner — someone you can trust to give you good advice.[…] Continue Reading »

It seems so simple: do what you love. Follow your bliss. Only do what you’re passionate about.

So on and so forth.

In life, these poetic ideas sound ideal, but the reality is, love is not always a good enough reason to start a business and a successful business needs more than passion alone.

Love and passion may be the catalyst behind work, but purpose is what sustains and grows business.[…] Continue Reading »

For decades, management science has concerned itself with researching and developing sophisticated systems for understanding and unleashing employee motivation. In organizations, we’ve experimented with countless combinations of possible solutions to arrive at that magical motivational mix. We’ve tried:

  • Compensation, bonuses, and different takes on doling out the almighty dollar to inspire employees
  • Recognition in a variety of flavors, including verbal reinforcement, physical tokens and reminders, and exotic trips
  • Team structures that support relationships and greater autonomy
  • Enticing work spaces (because what says ‘motivation’ more than a pool table and hanging out with Fido from 9 to 5?)
  • Flexible schedules and remote working opportunities

Is it possible that we’ve over-engineered a complex solution to a simple problem?[…] Continue Reading »