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Mobile is no longer simply a technology that is useful to both consumers and businesses — it is a way of life. From phones to tablets and even watches, the types of communication accessible through the mobile channel seem almost infinite. But that doesn’t mean that consumer packaged goods brands and food retailers should incorporate every single type of mobile communication into their marketing strategies.[…] Continue Reading »

As today’s consumers become increasingly digitized and mobile, it’s no secret that food retailers have some ground to make up when it comes to connecting with shoppers on their smartphones, tablets and other devices. However, retailers that deal in the business of something as traditional as groceries face the challenge of finding a balance between reaching out to shoppers who prefer the more traditional forms of communication like paper circulars and those who are looking to get all they can out of retailers’ mobile applications.[…] Continue Reading »

Editor’s note: This is the second of a three-part series on some of the construction technology on display at the October 2015 BIMForum in Orlando, Fla. The first part about Fieldlens is here.

“Nothing is more important to avoiding construction disputes than preparing solid, detailed, and contemporaneous documentation during the project,” writes attorney Doug Hibshman. And to that end, many construction superintendents and foremen spend an hour or so each day writing and filing their daily reports – and most dread the chore.[…] Continue Reading »

Today, your pipeline depends on digital marketing. Customers aren’t taking the time to talk to your sales team before making a purchase; instead, they’re often relying solely on the information they find about you online to decide whether or not to work with your company.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you understand and maximize your digital marketing strategy to attract and nurture leads through the sales pipeline all the way to close.[…] Continue Reading »

“We need to build a mobile app,” is one of the most terrifying phrases that I’ve heard uttered over the past six months. Far too often, brands jump into building an app simply to check the box and without a thoughtful strategy in mind. Deciding to “go mobile” with no purpose is like deciding to go fishing without a fishing pole: success is highly unlikely without hooks.[…] Continue Reading »