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This past year was all about clean labels and free from claims in the food and beverage industry. 2016 will be all about drinking for health. Consumers will be focused on transparency, the brand story and function from natural sources. The brands that are able to deliver those attributes along with a great tasting product will triumph in the marketplace.[…] Continue Reading »

Restaurants, consumer package goods brands and food retailers alike were making changes and developing strategies that trended toward innovation this week, a topic that drew the attention of SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers. In a move to strengthen its appeal among millennial consumers, McDonald’s revamped its packaging to feature a bold yet simple design. Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A announced the introduction of a trendy superfood salad featuring kale and broccolini, which will replace the chain’s classic coleslaw.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers found millennials’ love of Nestle and Hershey a sweet read this week, sending the story to the top of this week’s most-read list, which also included CPG stories about McCormick’s investment in packaging innovation and Post’s plans for acquisitions next year.

Grocery retail stories also proved popular, starting with the pricing strategy that’s propelling German discount supermarket chain ALDI’s rapid global growth.[…] Continue Reading »

Over the past two years of publishing World Bites, our TrendSpotting Report that covers authentic flavors, dishes and ingredients from cuisines around the world, we’ve seen some trends emerge — the dishes that typically score well with consumers (meats and sweets), and those that may be more challenging (raw fish). We’ve featured cuisines most consumers are familiar with — Italian, Mexican — and those that are brand new for most — Bohemian, Basque, Ethiopian — and everything in between.[…] Continue Reading »

This is a very exciting time for the food and beverage industry; there is such a vibrancy overflowing for all things cooking, shopping and eating. Consumers have a newfound curiosity, a deeper interest and higher levels of engagement with food that we are truly witnessing a broader cultural shift. You might say we are living in a food culture renaissance.[…] Continue Reading »