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It hardly seems possible, but the time has come when high-potential millennials are assuming leadership roles.

If you take the long view, it makes sense to prepare your best, young professionals now for the big promotional step that their predecessors typically had to wait 10, 15 years or longer to expect. They’re already so “up to speed” on so many essential, differentiating aspects of the competitive marketplace that they add value now that renders the typical career maturing process obsolete.[…] Continue Reading »

As restaurants attempt to innovate through dishing out new bold flavors and creating categories like upscale comfort food, so too turn the wheels behind the bar with moves that take popular liquors to make interesting new cocktails and, a little more outside the box, create the beginnings of a beer cocktail trend.

“Chelada, the Mexican thirst-quenching combo of lime juice and a light lager, the Black and Tan — Guinness and Harp — have been around for quite some time,” says Melissa Abbott, director of culinary insights at the Hartman Group.[…] Continue Reading »

Millennial consumers pose an interesting challenge for food retailers in that their desires, like those of all generations, are an amalgam of how old they are and the times in which they live. In some ways, their desires echo those of Boomers when they were young adults — except that millennials came of age in an era of rampant technology and mobility, and during a recession that hit them harder than most.[…] Continue Reading »

My son is 21 and in his second year of a summer office internship. He’s working hard, getting good reviews and privately developing a chip on his shoulder because he believes all us old people think millennial workers (roughly ages 18 to 30) are lazy and too full of themselves.

I thought he was just being overly sensitive until I started to see the anti-millennial posts pop up on my feed recently.[…] Continue Reading »

Every day two-thirds of consumers eat breakfast, most of it at home. But in the past few years restaurants have been working hard to lure customers away from their kitchens by expanding into the breakfast day part and adding innovative breakfast items. Taco Bell’s breakfast menu, which the company rolled out nationwide earlier this year, was the chain’s largest menu expansion in the brand’s history, with Taco Bell President Brian Niccol noting that, “Breakfast is the fastest growing day part in QSR.”

In order to understand the breakfast landscape, from consumer habits and preferences to opportunities for operators, manufacturers, and distributors, Datassential focused on breakfast for the launch of our brand new MenuTrends Keynote report series.[…] Continue Reading »