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Spending time as a commissioned officer in Iraq gave me an unparalleled view of effective leadership. Not surprisingly, when failure is not an option, you tend to succeed more, and the leadership methods I learned and observed in combat made it possible for me to succeed in business, as well. I returned home with the courage to quit my job, start my own company, and lead my team to success.[…] Continue Reading »

One hundred and fifty years ago this summer, the Battle of Gettysburg turned from a potential Confederate victory to stunning defeat due to Gen. James Longstreet’s poor negotiating skills.

At the beginning of their classic, “Getting to Yes,” authors Roger Fisher and William Ury note that we are all negotiators, every single day. But most of us lack an actual method for negotiations.[…] Continue Reading »

Sequestration is a front-and-center issue for everyone these days. While many people may not know exactly what the term means, they know to be worried on March 1 if no agreement is in place and $109 billion in annual spending cuts go into effect across all departments of the U.S. government.

Sequestration is the plan to reduce the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion from the federal budget over the next 10 years.[…] Continue Reading »

Everything we thought we knew about erstwhile CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus is now up for debate — his leadership qualities, motivations, future and his reputation for being disciplined and loyal in his personal life.

We question everything: How can a man with such a reputation for self-discipline display such disregard for protocol in his dealings with amour Paula Broadwell?[…] Continue Reading »

Empowerment is bunk. Most people who’re serious about leadership know this, but it’s not because empowerment is a bad idea. It’s because most leaders don’t have the skill and courage to do it correctly. At its best, when we empower followers, we give them authoritative space to figure out for themselves that true leadership power comes from the inside, through a transformative and entirely personal process.[…] Continue Reading »