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Oh, the pressure of a blank status update staring you in the face. If you’re managing a community on social networks for your own business or a client’s, this can be a real challenge because you always want to be engaging, interesting and possibly edgy/cool — but the reality is that your company or client doesn’t always have something to say.[…] Continue Reading »

Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. These and many other sites facilitate microblogging, which allow users to share thoughts or information in about 140 characters or less. Smart people and companies can use microblogging as a marketing, advertising or engagement tool. Here are several suggestions for maximizing the effects of your microblogging.

  • Avoid sending “crap.” Here’s a newsflash: None of your professional contacts really cares what you ate for dinner, where you are at the moment, what your kids did at school or how you’re feeling emotionally.
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Yahoo! finally launched its own micro-blogging service, Yahoo Meme, in English. The service’s big addition for its English debut is the ability to comment on other posts directly — as opposed to just replying on Twitter. For all its “lofty ambitions,” the service “seems lacking in its features and its potential to surpass its competitors,” Leena Rao writes.[…] Continue Reading »

Just how will we cope if Twitter doesn’t make it? Nearly everyone on Twitter has seen the infamous “fail whale” more often then we’d like — and with the recent exponential growth in users, there does not seem to be an end to the growing pains. Pair that reality with the fact that Twitter has yet to develop and/or announce a revenue model, and one can’t help but think, “What will happen when Twitter is gone?”

We could debate all day about which service (Yammer, Facebook,, FriendFeed) could step in and attempt to recapture the “microblogging” buzz, but the real question we must ask ourselves is, “What has Twitter taught us?”

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The 5 most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Social Media this past week:

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