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Early in the year, many leaders will take their teams “off-site” for a day or more. An off-site meeting can be a great way to develop strategy, get creative, develop a team, learn and re-invigorate a team. Of course, they can also be like a sentence in purgatory if not planned and run well.

There is plenty of advice on how to run effective meetings, but not enough on planning.[…] Continue Reading »

When I took over ACAM Advisors in early 2003, investment returns had been below average for several years, and two important clients had recently defected. The majority owners hinted to me that, in their view, layoffs might be in order. From my perspective, the firm’s client list had enough A-list names still on it, and the CVs of the professional staff looked impressive.[…] Continue Reading »

Do your people love your meetings?

Hint: if you’re not sure, the answer is “no.” You’ll know people love a meeting when they say something like, “Wow, this was a really great meeting!”

If you’re rolling your eyes and think that your team would never say such a thing, read on. It is possible to hold meetings that people love to attend, but it does require you to shift your meeting-mindset and use a few practical tools.[…] Continue Reading »

This post is adapted from “Enhancing Your Executive Edge: How to Develop the Skills to Lead and Succeed” (McGraw Hill, June 2014) by Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston, partners at Image Dynamics, with more than two decades of experience building successful, highly customized coaching training programs for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Recognized experts in business protocol, branding, leadership development, presentation and communication skills, customer service, and sales training, Zoller and Preston are the authors of “You Did What?[…] Continue Reading »

Are you a sales manager who gives too little attention to training and coaching salespeople? Many do this, and it’s understandable. You want sales representatives to spend as much time as possible with customers. You also have to control the escalating costs of bringing salespeople together for meetings.

What to do? Make the training and coaching available to them right where they are located.[…] Continue Reading »