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Leadership just isn’t what it used to be. Thank goodness! We’ve all known of organizational cultures where the managers’ use of command and control is a source of power. Because we are now in an age of flattened organizational structures, global broad based knowledge, and speed-of-light decision making, real leadership power lies in work relationships that are formed and intentionally sustained.[…] Continue Reading »

What makes it important to understand and stay connected with the core of who you are as a human being? How do you become an authentic leader? How do you know when your actions are less than genuine?

These are some intriguing and deep questions that you may not have thought about. I have — for the simple reason that I believe the answers are important if leaders are to sustain the energy and dedication necessary to to inspire themselves and others.[…] Continue Reading »

I once worked with a leader who turned around his perspective of one of his employees. This employee was skilled but was critical of the leader. When the leader had to find someone to fill in while he left the organization for several months, he saw something in this challenging individual that told him that this was the one to take care of things while he was absent.[…] Continue Reading »

When I interview the stakeholders on the strengths and gaps of the leaders I work with, it’s not unusual for me to hear that the peers and direct reports may see that leader as “aloof” or unapproachable. The fact that they may be in senior management can compound the issue, as there is always that hierarchical block that may keep employees away.[…] Continue Reading »

I make no excuses for this post’s sentimental title.

This is because we know that in order to lead at your best, you have to lead with your heart as well as your head, and sometimes we need the keys to do that.

The head is the logical, decision-making, “doing” part of leadership. The heart is the emotional, compassionate, “being” part.[…] Continue Reading »